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 Price Guide

These rates are for information purposes only.  Projects differ, and each will be individually assessed to determine the level of editing and/or proofreading required. A free, no-obligation quote will be provided for all editing and proofreading.

All prices in Australian dollars.

​​Copy Editing
(line editing)​ 

$21.00/1000 words (minimum $210)


Copy editing concentrates on ensuring consistent style, tempo, language, spelling, punctuation and grammar from prelims to end matter. Includes headings, illustrations, tables, links, and references

(Note: work with fewer than 5000 words, $210 minimum)

Substantive Editing
(structural editing) 

​$22.00/1000 words (minimum $220)


Detailed editing for structure, plot, characterisation and chapter arrangement. Structural editing looks at story clarity, intended readership, and cohesion for all story elements.

(Note: work with fewer than 5000 words, $220 minimum)


​$17.00/1000 words (minimum $170)


​​Spell-check is not proofreading. I will go over your work, checking for typos, punctuation, grammar, tense issues and standard consistency.

Layout proofing (galley proofing) includes checking for widows, orphans and run-ons, page numbering, front and back matter.

(Note: work with fewer than 5000 words, $170 minimum)

Manuscript Assessment

Short story: included with edit

Novel/Novella: $20.00/1000 words (minimum $200)

Personalised assessment of your manuscript for clarity, structure, consistency, completeness, strengths, weaknesses, and grammar before submission to publisher, agent, or for author-publishing. Includes full written report.

(Note: work with fewer than 5000 words, $200 minimum)



An optional thirty-minute phonecall is included with each edit. Any additional phonecalls are charged at $30/hour (or part thereof). 

Package Deals

Negotiable, and guaranteed to save you money! ​​

Combining services makes for an easy transition of your manuscript-development stages.

Whether you're looking to combine editorial services such as structural and copy editing, development and copy editing, contact us to chat about your needs, and for a free quote.

Phoenix Editing can take your manuscript from first draft to beautiful end product, ready for submission to traditional markets or author-publication.


  • Please note these are base rates only. Each manuscript will be individually assessed to determine the work required

  • All projects submitted to Phoenix Editing are covered by a confidentiality agreement 

  • Priority projects (rush jobs) will incur a surcharge

  • Contact for a free quote

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